Use Only Licensed Contractors

DPS logoTexas law requires any person or company who provides investigations or security services (including burglar alarms, closed circuit television systems and access control systems) in the state to be properly licensed to offer or to engage in such services. This requirements of law was originally passed by the Texas Legislature in 1969 and has been in effect ever since. To offer or provide a service required to be licensed without a license carries criminal penalties of up to a year in jail and a $4,000.00 fine.

Hiring or employing a unlicensed company also carries this penalty.

Visit the PSB (Private Security Board) web site for more information

Fire Marshal LogoEach person or organization engaged in the business of planning, certifying, leasing, selling, servicing, installing, monitoring, or maintaining fire alarm or fire detection devices or systems shall have a certificate of registration issued by the Texas Commissioner of Insurance.

For information on the requirements visit the Texas Department of insurance website.